Sunday, November 7, 2010

I came, I froze, I peed in the woods.

This weekend I packed up the van, kissed 3 kids goodbye and headed to the woods with the 4th child. It was scout camping weekend and little did we know what an adventure it was going to be! Cody was super excited (seen pictured here with his fellow scout friends Jimmy and Sam..Cody is the kid in the middle sporting the "moose took" hat) and I was optomistic since this is my last camping trip before he makes the big move to Boy Scouts...where the mommies do NOT go camping (insert happy dance here). We decided to get some dinner on our own before heading down...which turned out to be a wise choice. So by the time we hit the camp ground it was PITCH BLACK and nobody quite seemed to know where our group was located. Cody and I carried our tent up and down the road for about 45 minutes before low and behold we found a couple of fellow scouts all set up, we put up our tent and got a good fire going. Life is good.
Or so we thought.......
I decide to head to the car for the last couple of items, and run into our big group a 1/2 mile down the road from my tent. uh oh...we got sent to the wrong place. It's now 8 pm, i'm exhausted, cold and irritated. They decide I must move my gear to their camp which I said "NO" and stomped my foot and proceeded to burst into tears. I collected myself and used my smarts.."wait...I have double stuff oreo cookies and a whole lot of teeange boys at my disposal" so yes I bribed them with food and they hauled all my stuff down and set it back up!
Crisis averted.....but not really.
Somebody (a man!!! it was a man!!!) backed into a pipe and tore out the water main, we had no flushing toilets anywhere in the campground. It's now 9:30 and of course, I gotta "go" pretty bad. Thank goodness it was dark right...except the boys are all running around the woods playing the game Manhunt with never know when one will just pop up in front of you. I waited until 10 pm and then didn't care how many young men I will send into therapy from encountering me bare assed in the woods trying not to pee on my feet or get jabbed with a stick, I was going!
30 degree sleeping weather, farting, snoring, food prepared by the boys (undercooked or just gross) mud, wind, and walking for hours from activity to activity. All forgotten, my son had a blast, made new friends, learned new skills, performed a skit in front of 300 other scouts/families and passed out cold in the car on the way home. Good times. I'm glad he asked me to go.


  1. WoW!! What a good Mom!! And hey, at least you didn't pee too near poison oak or anything! :)

    Love and am passionately jealous of the Moose hat, btw. It's exactly the kind of hat I WOULD wear, and The Teenager is glad I do not own!!

  2. Newbury Comimcs...they are all the rage here in Massachusetts. I have a bunny one...have been threatened with bodily harm by my teenager (female...maybe we should hook them up...kidding) to NEVER wear it in public when she is with me. Love the pics of NY!!!

  3. Ok...I am in the car...picking up Nicki and heading to NYC....have coffee and bagels ready... ;-)

  4. now that would be a fun road trip!!! better yet, Dawn could drive here, stay overnight and then we take the bus/train there....hmmmmmmm this has possibilities to it.